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Dr. Winkelman works extremely hard to provide comprehensive dental care in as safe an environment as possible. One of the most exciting ways that he does this is by using Digital Radiography (Computerized X-Rays). Digital Radiography allows us to increase your safety and increase our ability to deliver exceptional dental care without compromise. Digital Radiography allows us to take and develop an x-ray utilizing a specially designed computer system called Denoptix. With this digital technology, our patients receive up to 90% less radiation exposure than traditional x-rays.



The digital radiograph is quickly and efficiently transported to the chairside computer. Once there, Dr. Winkelman can interpret the x-ray more completely and can, much like a digital photograph, enlarge the area, change the contrast and much more leading to a more accurate diagnosis. Because the image is enlarged and displayed on the monitor next to the dental chair, he can review your radiographs and share with you what the x-rays show. Less exposure to you, less exposure to our staff, and a system that is friendly to the environment. You will be amazed with the technology. We love it and we know you will too!

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